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Are you feeling cursed? Feeling like your health is failing, your finances are failing etc.... Well here is the kit for you‼️ this powerful kit contains EVERYTHING you need to put you back on the road to healing and prosperity, each kit includes

4 seperate customized kits

1. The unhexed kit complete with 1 oz oil, 16 oz candle and bath tea to remove all hexes, witchraft,evil eye, I'll wishers off of you , your life and family.

2.Return to sender kit ×10 to return the same energy, spirits, magic sent to you etc ... with 1 oz oil,8 oz candle and bath tea.

3. Fiery wall of protection kit to put up defenses to protect you from future attacks 1 oz oil, 8 oz candle and bath tea

4.Healing Kit to heal from any damages to your health, mental health, finances and family that may have happened during such a horrific time in your life. Kit includes 1 oz oil, 16 oz candle and bath tea.

Sage and Palo Santo included

Instructional video also included complete with dates times and order in which you should do each ritual.

Unhexed kit, protection, return to sender & healing bundle

Excluding Sales Tax
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