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This is a new more powerful take on an old favorite our sex slave oil is now MORE POWERFUL THAN EVER BEFORE‼️❣️ dominate in the bedroom in the absolute BEST WAY and spice up an existing relationship with this sexy, sensual, stimulating and lust filled CONJURED OIL jam packed with lust, attraction, domination, love herbs designed to make your love life explosive with God energy,planetary energy and Angelic spirits attached making this an outer body experience!

⚠️ under no circumstances should this oil be ingested, this oil may bring back exes in droves it is just a test deny them unless it's who your target is, this oil contains an herb that may increase blood flow to you genitals DO NOT USE on your skin if you have heart issues or high blood pressure. This oil will get you pregnant or married so practice safe sex..... Always do a patch test on your arm before using as a massage oil to ensure that you are NOT allergic.


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